Above: Quick-sketch caricatures by Wag. Left to right: college student, boy, high school graduate. See next page for some females of the species. Sorry to be so gender-definitive, but you humans DO like to have things categorized, and we figure these genera are just as high-falutin' sounding as any. Personally, we would rather break them down by nose hair counts or eyelid folds, but that seemed less meaningful to most people so we reluctantly succumbed to the tyranny of gender differentiation.

Right: Pete is featured in Staake's Complete Book of Caricature, "THE" authoritative bible on the subject to date. This drawing was done in person backstage at the Carleton Celebrity Room (you can see a facsimile of it in the film, "FARGO") back in 1985 when Pete met Calvert DeForest (aka Larry "BUD" Melman of David Letterman's show). The great thing about this caricature is that it has an Ever-Ready Bunny shelf life, as young people mistake it for Drew Carrey. This saves on having to do new drawings. Of course, now that Carrey has had his eyes done, the glasses are obsolete and for the time being it doesn't resemble anybody tht we know of. Whoever it may or may not look like, at least it was the only entry in Staake's book acclaimed as achieving "the brink of hilarity." When we get listed in a book that acknowledges that Pete has gone over the brink, we'll be happy to notify you with an e-mail alert if you care to sign up.

Thumbnails of "OTHERS," to use an old cultural studies term... (click to see the BIG versions):

You have reached the epogee-- er, the summit--, that is, the (Ralph) NADIR of comic gobbledeegook in the PETE WAGNER chain of websites. Also see KARTOONS.COM if you want to hire a caricature artist; WAGTOONS.COM if you have a thick hide and appreciate ballsy satire; PETEWAGNER.COM for speaking engagements and CARICATURES.NET for an educational introduction to the fine art of caricature. Several of these sites are currently being tampered with by either a lookalikeof CNN's Lou Dobbs or a band of illegal space aliens with Mexican accents, but don't be discouraged. They will be back online soon.

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