This particular client supplied Wag with a photo of the woman depicted, and a list of her notable characteristics:

  • drives a 1998 silver Mitsubishi convertible
  • vegetarian
  • works for her dad's company
  • is a "whirling dervish," always on the go, very peppy and fast
  • runs/walks in races, long walk events
  • has 3 kids
  • plays tennis
  • loves the Chicago Blackhawks

The points were taken, photos of the dad and kids were requested, and images were researched and drawn. Logos of the gift giver and the dad's business were inserted. The composition was reworked a bit. And we all lived happily ever after.

In almost every case, we work entirely over the phone and via e-mail.A deposit of 50% is needed.

Interested in a nice drawing like this? Contact us at 612-886-2345 or visit KARTOONS.COM for more information and samples.

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Where EVENT caricatures are drawn at top speed to entertain guests at parties and receptions and trade shows and such, GIFT caricatures are the s-l-o-w, finished, polished, meticulously drawn pieces that are painstakingly crafted to impress the hell out of the person receiving it. Both approaches have their distinct sets of positive qualities, and each in its own way is "suitable for framing." Costs range from as little as $45 for a black and white head shot to about $375 for the sort of thing shown above.